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Welcome to the premium world of digital

Do premium environments deliver better results?

Not all digital media is equal and now there’s proof. It’s the research we’ve all been waiting for.

The Benchmark Series, Australia’s largest cross-media advertising effectiveness study, proves definitively that advertising in premium media is more effective than run of the internet.

Commissioned by ThinkPremiumDigital, The Benchmark Series has been overseen by Dr Duane Varan, CEO of audience research lab MediaScience.

Findings include:

Premium matters

Premium display and video placements drive 2.4x better recall and 1.6x brand lift compared to run of internet. This is even more pronounced for light buyers, the most important audience for brand growth with premium display and video placements delivering 3 times the recall and 2.8x the brand lift compared to run of internet.

Premium display = premium impact

Premium display alone generates 3.5x the brand recall compared to display across run of internet sites.

Short form video takes its rightful place

Short form in premium environments offers 1.8x better recall and 2.8x the brand lift than short-form video on run of the internet. While short-form video in premium environments delivers 1.8x higher recall than Facebook video.

Find out how the research was conducted:

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