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Coming Soon: The Premium Effectiveness Study

Premium media channels supercharge awareness, affinity, loyalty and endorsement and we’ve got the proof

You’ve got the vibe that advertising in premium digital channels is better; that being around premium content gives your ads an edge. But why rely on the vibe of the thing when you can know for sure? This year ThinkPremiumDigital is on a mission to quantify the benefits of placing ads in premium environments with a whopping great big study into digital ad placement, the likes of which you ain’t never seen before.

The Premium Effectiveness Study will help you understand the branding value of premium digital ad inventory versus other digital media options, like – you know – Facebook and YouTube.

In recent years, studies have shown that advertising in premium channels compared to non-premium sites is a winner. In fact, a 2012 study by Nine of Olympic sponsorships found premium media had the power to strengthen key brand metrics by up to three times. Meanwhile, a 2016 Comscore study found premium digital is three times more effective in driving mid-funnel brand metrics such as favourability, consideration and recommendation.

Conducted by MediaScience, the Premium Effectiveness Study will go deeper to dissect the performance of specific ad units including display, short- and long-form video on desktop and mobile. The study will use a broad sample to give you the knowledge you need to make media placement choices based on all the important stuff like demographics, behavioural interests and purchase intent.

And here’s the kicker: the research will also track the impact of context. It’ll do this by testing ads inside and side-by-side relevant and irrelevant content in news environments as well as other premium content areas including lifestyle, sport and entertainment.  

The Premium Effectiveness Study is on track to deliver the definitive answer on the branding value of premium media. Having this information is going to be a game-changer for planning and buying media; it’s the stuff you need to select the channels that drive real results for your client’s businesses.