Better digital, bigger impact

Premium digital is backed by comprehensive data capabilities, professionally produced content that engages audiences and the advantage of contextual placement.


Media Myths Busted: It’s time to rethink video

Premium digital video is a powerful brand driver and contributes more than other channels both as a standalone, and in combination with TV, click here for the full findings.


Create Lasting Impressions

Research demonstrates that when it comes to building brand mental availability & having your brand remembered, advertising in premium digital editorial and BVOD environments outperforms Facebook & YouTube, click here for the full findings.


Not all ‘time spent’ is equal

Latest research shows time spent on a media platform is not the same as time spent consuming advertising. When it comes to all important ad attention, premium video outperforms YouTube and social video, click here for the full findings.


Not all digital video is equal

The new results from The Benchmark Series, Australia’s largest cross-media advertising effectiveness study, prove that video advertising within premium digital content creates superior memory retention, click here for the full findings.

The Facts About Premium Digital

ThinkPremiumDigital shareholder websites reach 19.1m Australians, that’s 90% of the population
ThinkPremiumDigital shareholder websites account for 15 of the top 20 news websites in Australia
ThinkPremiumDigital shareholder websites account for 8 of the top 10 sites for steaming video
A powerful media channel – premium digital drives bigger business impacts

Professionally produced content

For advertising environments to be deemed premium, they need to feature professionally produced content. And several ingredients go into making true premium content; quality that engages, inspires and reflects Australian culture. This content aligns with moments that matter to Australians and has them gathering around the watercooler, real or virtual.

Brands that people know and trust

When brands work together they share and benefit from each other’s core attributes. What makes these partnerships successful? Positioning, audience & tone; all relevant factors to consider as part of your media buying strategy as brand transference also occurs between publications and the advertising placed within them.

Meaningful scale

Bear in mind, not all so-called ‘scale’ is equal. When it comes to getting the most exposure for your ad dollars, it’s tempting to be wowed by big global audience numbers but not all jumbo-sized audiences are what they seem on the surface. Whatever the platform, are people actually seeing your ad in its entirety and for enough time for it to make an impact?